Digifarms Africa Releases 2022 Operations Plan, Prioritizes Agricultural Input Manufacturing and Distribution

Agricultural production inputs, fertilizers and insecticides will as from January 2022 feature in the portfolio of agricultural products manufactured and/or distributed Cameroonian based agri-commodity and input distribution enterprise Digifarms Africa.

The revelation is contained in the 2022 action and operations strategic plan of the enterprise released Thursday December 30th 2022 by the management of the enterprise.

The plan that outlines the major investment areas to be prioritized by the enterprise as from 2022 also highlights some of the major strategic growth and expansion objectives and of the enterprise consistent with its long term goal of generating USD10million in revenue for agricultural commodity producers across the African continent and creating as many as 1000 jobs along different stages of the agricultural commodity value chain by 2030.

Commenting on his hopes and expectations for the year ahead, the company’s founder and Chief Executive Mr. Che Azenyui Revealed that the expansion and diversification decision comes as the outcome of a research project conducted with farmers and other agricultural stakeholders across all 54 countries in Africa.

‘for the past four years, we have focused our operations on the production and distribution of basic agricultural commodities and perishable products that respond directly to the needs of the average food commodity consumer in Africa. This has given us the opportunity and rare privilege to work with farmers and commodity producers across the board and to identify those challenging areas that still inhibit the mass production and distribution of food commodities in Africa. Our decision to expand into input manufacturing and distribution is a response to some of the major production challenges that we have identified amongst the farmers that we have had the opportunity to work with across Africa in the past four years” he stated.

Other major agricultural inputs and products that shall also feature in the company’s product portfolio as from January 2022 as contained in the operations plan include agricultural equipment and machinery like spraying cans, hoes, machetes, cultivation and processing machinery, commodity storage equipment and facilities, professionalized agricultural services and expertise and general consultancy services

‘We want to be that one-stop shop for agricultural products and inputs in Africa. we believe in the power of third generation agriculture as a sector that can accelerate economic growth, create wealth, improve livelihoods and contribute to income generation in Africa. More than 70% of the continent’s population is directly or indirectly employed in the informal agricultural sector and this implies and urgent need for us to begin prioritizing the concerns and desires of this sector. This has been the main factor behind our decision to keep working with our partner and stakeholders at home and abroad on innovative ways in which we can find solutions to the daily challenges that African agricultural commodity stakeholders face.” Mr. Che revealed.

We are currently in touch with our partners and investors in Nigeria, Sweden, India, Israel and other parts of the world and not long from now we will begin providing our farmers with the inputs and equipment that they need to boost their production. he said.

Founded in 2018 with head office in Buea, South West Region of Cameroon, the aggro-industrial enterprise currently has representation in six of Cameroon’s ten regions with product distribution network that cover 40 African countries. its principal mission as a Pan-African enterprise is ensuring food self-sufficiency for every African citizen. The enterprise runs both an offline commodity trading market and an online commodity shop accessible from its website at www.digifarmsafrica.com

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