The Digifarms Community is a network of farmers, agribusiness operators, policy makers, researchers, value chain developers and consumers of agricultural products with main mission of advancing debate, forging discussion and engaging research on the stakes and challenges of agricultural production in Africa. We are a growing movement of agricultural promoters bound by the fundamental believe in the power of agriculture to contribute to jump-starting development in Africa.

These terms and conditions are intended to guide our engagements, protect intellectual property rights and ensure responsibility in the exchange of knowledge among members of the Digifarms Community. By joining the Digifarms Community, each member agrees to be bound by these terms and adhere to its provisions to the latter.

As a growing community, we may update, revise or review our terms and conditions in due time and all community members shall be notified of such changes and will be required to read, understand and agree to such changes.

Our engagements and activities as a community are guided by the following basic terms and conditions. 

  1. As an agricultural/agribusiness community we particularly entertain content that relates to agricultural production, innovative farming methods, agribusiness, consumption of agricultural products etc. our objective as a community is to advance research and knowledge exchange in the areas of agriculture, agribusiness and food consumption.
  2. Membership in the Digifarms Community is open to Citizens of any nationality with interest in the advancement of agricultural production in Africa.
  3. No Community members shall pay to be part of the community or receive payment for being a member of the community
  4. Our community engagements are governed by the laws of the Republic of Cameroon and all other international legal instruments ratified by Cameroon.
  5. Community members shall not discriminate or be discriminated upon on the basis of sex, race, religion, class, ethnic or political affiliation or beliefs. We are an open community with high values of tolerance and mutual respect.
  6. All authors of intellectual property hold property rights to their work published on the Digifarms community platforms. They take all credit for the content they create and are responsible for all such content. This however does not include content sourced and duly attributed to a third party. Digifarms Africa, The Digifarms Community or any member of the community cannot be held responsible for issues arising from content created by any single member of the community.
  7. All content shared on the Digifarms Community platform is declared public by its authors and can be quoted and referenced by other members of the general public or other members of the Digifarms Community without further authorization from the authors of such publications.
  8. No member of the Digifarms Community shall have to pay for or demand payment from Digifarms Africa, The Digifarms Community or any other member of the Digifarms Community for publication of content. However, community members may request payment for use of their work by other third parties or members of the general public. Digifarms Africa shall not be party to such request or payment except solicited to play such role by both parties. Where published work is used without payment, Digifarms Africa, the Digifarms Community and any of its members shall not be responsible for issues arising therefrom.  
  9. Digifarms Africa or the Digifarms Community DOES NOT BUY content from authors for publication on its platforms but might facilitate the sales of content to third parties by their authors. This shall be subject to consent and approval by both the author and buyer of the content. We decline responsibility for breaches of contract in the purchase and sales of content. We may however agree to provide witness testimony in case of any litigation arising from the breaches of contracts to which we were signatories/witnesses. We however strongly encourage community members to seek mediation rather than litigation in the event of breaches of trust and terms of engagement.
  10. Authors who provide content for publication on the Digifarms Community platform agree to have such content shared with other members of the Digifarms Community upon request without further approval from the authors.
  11. Digifarms Africa and the Digifarms Community reserve the right to decline publication of content deemed below its publication standards. This applies same for content that violates our fundamental values of mutual respect, decency and responsibility.
  12. Authors who make use of, quote from or extract excerpts from the works of other authors shall give credit to the original authors of such works accordingly. The method of attribution shall be decided by the authors of such works. Where no attribution method is stated in advance, the authors of all works shall be contacted for such clarification before attribution is done.
  13. Only members of the Digifarms Community are entitled to have their works published on any of the Digifarms Community platforms.
  14. Content without authors names or content whose authors decline to be named shall not be published on any of the Digifarms Community platforms.

Our publication channels for Digifarms Africa and the Digifarms Community include our webpage, the Digifarms Africa Facebook page, twitter handle and other online platforms that may be included in due time.

By joining the Digifarms Community, you agree to abide by these terms and Conditions. Join the Digifarms Community here