Digifarms and SDGs

As a Social Enterprise anchored on the belief in the transformative power of Agriculture and the Digital economy in Africa, our strongest driving force at Digifarms Africa isn’t just the quest to make profits and raise funds. PEOPLE are at the epicenter of our initiatives, ventures and projects. For us at Digifarms, People and their needs, people and their knowledge, people and their dreams, ambitions, hopes aspirations desires and expectations are our greatest driving force. Far more important than capital, than infrastructure and even more than profits. As an impact-driven Social Enterprise, we are very keen to catalyzing the attainment of sustainable development by Africa in line with UN agenda 2030. Our priority S.D.Gs at Digifarms Africa and the target indicators for each of them include the following.

S.D.G 1: No Poverty

The first of the Seventeen Sustainable Development Goals aims for an end to poverty in all its forms everywhere. some of its target indicators include people’s ability allover the world to live on at least $1.25/day and the reduction by half the number of people living in poverty in all its dimensions by 2030. The definition of Poverty as recognized in SDG 1 varies from Country to Country.

For Cameroon just like many other countries in Africa poverty is measured in terms of people’s inability to provide and/or access the basic necessities of life such as food, shelter, clothing, basic medication etc. This is often equated to mean a life dependent on less than $2/day

At Digifarms Africa, we have a 2030 vision of at least 1000 direct and indirect jobs in the agriculture and agriculture-related sectors. By this we will be contributing at least $10million in revenues for individuals, families and governments across Africa. Our poverty alleviation roadmap at Digifarms Africa targets largely youths, vulnerable/minority groups, women/girls, persons with special needs and less privileged persons in Sub Saharan Africa.

S.D.G 2: No Hunger:

This is unarguably our flagship SDG at Digifarms Africa. S.D.G two recognizes that for the attainment of sustainable development, the world must collectively end hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture. its target indicators prioritize ease of access to safe, nutritious and sufficient food all year round for all persons including infants and poor people, ending of malnutrition, implementation of resilient agricultural practices and the doubling of the agricultural productivity and incomes for small-scale food producers in particular women, indigenous peoples, family farmers, pastoralists and fishers. The goal and its indicators recognize the power of second generation agriculture for the transformation of Africa and the contribution of small scale farming groups and subsistence agriculturalist.

As an agribusiness enterprise with investments at almost all stages of the agricultural value chain from farm to food, we at Digifarms Africa place a very high value on quality, ease of access and satisfactory quantity in the delivery of our products to clients. our door-to-door delivery approach is also reducing the comparative cost and time spent in acquiring adequate food supply.

As a long term measure for sustainability, we are engaging more forcefully on innovative agricultural production and food value chain development as a way of increasing Cameroon and Africa’s food production capacity. Our Digifarms Suppliers are also getting a steady market for their produce and receiving hands on training on innovative ways of improving agricultural production.

S.D.G 3: Good health and well being

One of our fundamental beliefs at Digifarms Africa is in the relationship between quality nutrition and good health. Well being for us at Digifarms is a combination of the external factors that guarantee happiness and peace and the internal factors such as personal convictions, food security and satisfaction and personal motivation.

The third Sustainable Development Goal targets healthy lives and well-being for all at all ages as a measure of sustainable development for the world by 2030. its indicators include major health elements like the reduction of global maternal mortality
ratio to less than 70 per 100,000 live births, an end to all preventable deaths of newborns and children under 5 years of age, the reduction of neonatal mortality to at least as low as 12 per 1,000 live births and under-5 mortality to at least as low
as 25 per 1,000 live births by 2030.

Though not being a health care enterprise, We have a strong conviction at Digifarms Africa that major health challenges plaguing Africa such as maternal mortality, preventable death of newborns and children under five and other health challenges are inextricably linked to nutritional factors such as poor food quality, inadequate food quantity and unhealthy food preparation methods. This explains our constant updating of our complimentary packages with medically tested recipes, food preparation methods, medical/nutritional warnings etc for clients upon request and on our website at digifarmsafrica.com. Our belief at Digifarms Africa is that Safe and adequate nutrition can go a long way to guarantee healthier and longer lives for all persons in Cameroon and Africa.

S.D.G 5: Gender Equality

Our Definition of gender equality at Digifarms Africa recognises equal access to opportunity, income and happiness for all gender. it guarantees an equal platform for contribution to the success of the enterprise, access to opportunities for growth and advancement for team members, clients, partners and stakeholders of Digifarms Africa irrespective of their gender. We particularly place a high premium on productivity rather than stereotypes in our recruitment, service delivery and partnership activities at Digifarms Africa. Beyond productivity, we are quite gender sensitive as not to overlook the uniqueness, specificities and peculiar characteristics of each gender which we believe have an impact on overall productivity and team performance.

Practices considered discriminatory on the grounds of gender such as unfair income inequalities, workplace harassment, sexual violence and rape, physical/psychological violence are proscribed at Digifarms Africa. We particularly look out for all these factors in our engagements with partners, suppliers, consultants and other stakeholders of Digifarms Africa. We an equal opportunity enterprise with no discrimination on the grounds of sex, tribe, ideology, nation or color.

S.D.G 8: Decent work and economic growth

We are a growth-driven enterprise. Growth as an enterprise, contribution to economic growth for a nation and growth for Africa as a whole. much more importantly, we believe in job satisfaction, decent work and favourable work conditions as crucial factors for personal growth of team members at Digifarms and as extension, national growth and the development of Africa. This explains our choice of job creation, income generation and contribution to economic development as some of our major success indicators at Digifarms Africa. through the establishment of proximity warehouses, experimental farms and market centres in Cameroon and eventually in other parts of the African continent, we are convinced of the worthwhile contribution our initiatives at Digifarms will play in ensuring decent work and economic growth as a factor for the attainment of sustainable development in Africa.

As part of our growth and innovation strategy at Digifarms Africa, also we are seeking alternative methods of product packaging and marketing, branding and visibility and these we are convinced will be crucial sources of employment for Cameroon’s vibrant youth population at different levels of the agricultural value chain. This besides all our investments in agricultural production.

S.D.G 13: Climate Action

We are primarily a green business enterprise. Our food production activities not only contribute to climate change mitigation but also aid in carbon reduction thereby contributing to combating the effects of climate change in Africa. Besides our Climate-friendly agricultural activities, we prioritize at Digifarms Africa, business activities that contribute to climate change mitigation. Some of our climate friendly activities include:

  • Electronic exchange of correspondences rather than via printed hard paper mails as this implies less deforestation for paper production. Paper-printed correspondences are encouraged only in situations wherein transmission by electronic means is impossible. e.g areas without internet access.
  • The use as much as possible of recycle paper for less official and informal documentation work and activities such as exchange of short notes, first copy drafting of documents and other paper-related activities. This saves income and cuts down on quantity of paper used/required for official activities.
S.D.G 17: Partnership for goals

At Digifarms Africa, we believe in the power of partnership and networking as crucial factors for business success and sustainability. We are constantly exploring and engaging partnership opportunities with stakeholders across the board for the realization of both our short term projects and long term goals at Digifarms Africa. The enterprise as a fruit of this partnership is a 2019 beneficiary of the Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Program. Our business model has received commendation from Deloitte; the Nigerian based business vetting firm. Our contribution to the development of Africa is hugely dependent on the networks and partnerships we establish as part of our growth strategy.

To become one of our Digifarms Partners contact us by filling our contact form here and we will get back to you to follow up on your request.

At Digifarms Africa, we are more than just an agribusiness enterprise. We are a community of PEOPLE.