Contextualizing Africapitalism: Why African Youth must take Ownership*

Africa is the World’s second largest continent in terms of population and the “youngest continent on earth” as more than 60% of its population is below the age of 25. This relatively young and active demographic of the continent present a veritable opportunity for investment in the creation of startup enterprises and social ventures inContinue reading “Contextualizing Africapitalism: Why African Youth must take Ownership*”

Digifarms Africa on Cameroon Business Today

On the 24th of June 2020 we received a request from the editorial team of Cameroon Business Today: a weekly business publication of Cameroon’s state-owned SOPECAM for a brief chat on the Concept and prospects of Digifarms Africa and what value we bring to our customers, farmers and value chain developers. The team also wantedContinue reading “Digifarms Africa on Cameroon Business Today”

Outpacing the trend: How Agribusiness Startups can stay afloat Despite COVID-19

COVID-19 took planet Earth by storm. like any other pandemic, The virus came with no warning signs, no prior notification and no advance indicators. It took us all unawares and yes!!! it is hitting us all so hard. The announcement February 14th 2020 of the first case of the virus in Egypt North Africa wasContinue reading “Outpacing the trend: How Agribusiness Startups can stay afloat Despite COVID-19”