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Our Bitterleaf is a super food, but unfortunately, we remove and wash away it’s medicinal properties the green bitter matter and eat chaffs in our soups.
However, we want you to enjoy the following benefits of consuming Bitterleaf capsules;

-Aids in weight loss
-Reduces cancer risks
-Lowers high blood pressure
-Lowers blood sugar levels and manages diabetes
-Aids in the treatment of abdominal issues
-Enhances Fertility
-Much more………

All these benefits in our Legendary Nyanga Foods Bitterleaf Capsules
60 capsules per bottle

It’s been scientifically proven, due to extensive studies, that oven dry Bitterleaf, is 6 times richer than fresh Bitterleaf, as oven activates it’s active ingredients, meanwhile boiling fresh Bitterleaf leaf reduces the potency of its active ingredients, worst still is that we deliberately wash out the rich healthy bitter green matter in bitterleaves, leaving us with chaffs.

As unpleasant as the experience to drink Bitterleaf juice may be, it is super healthy and medicinal hence why we have made capsules to convince you to try drinking bitter leaf in a pleasant way.
60 capsules a bottle takes, 15 days to consume, as we take 4 per day, 2/morning and 2 evening


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